Healthwatch Rochdale launch new Text Message Service so residents can easily share their experience of health and care services.

You can now text Healthwatch Rochdale on 07520645142 to share your experience of using health and social care services in the Rochdale borough.
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As well as being able to give feedback via their website, email and over the phone the new text messaging service will allow residents to share their feedback quickly and easily wherever they are.

Healthwatch Rochdale listen to people’s experiences of local health and care services and use this feedback to shape future services, locally and nationally. Previously Healthwatch Rochdale have used face to face engagement, telephone, email and their website to collect people’s feedback. The new text messaging service has been introduced as part of our objective to innovate communication with local people and give residents an extra option to contact us in the way that is easiest and most comfortable for them.

Healthwatch Rochdale is part of the national Healthwatch England network, established in 2013 by the government. Its main purpose is to give Rochdale borough residents a stronger voice in influencing and challenging how health and social services are provided. Healthwatch Rochdale also provide information and advice about local health and care services and what is available locally for people.

Our new text messaging service gives local people the opportunity to share feedback with us quickly and easily. You can still speak to us over the phone if you need information and advice or have a more complex issue, but the text service will be a quick, easy option for people to leave their feedback with no fuss. We believe that the text service will be a popular addition to our current feedback collection methods, and we look forward to hearing from more people in the Rochdale borough
— Kate Jones, Chief Executive Officer, Healthwatch Rochdale

You can share your feedback with Healthwatch Rochdale in the following ways:

Text - 07520645142

Phone – 01706 249575

Email –

Website Feedback Form

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