Healthwatch Rochdale Annual Report shows how sharing your experience made a difference in 2020/21

Healthwatch Rochdale have published their 2020/21 Annual Report ‘Then and Now’ demonstrating how the people of the Rochdale borough have helped to shape local NHS and social care services by sharing their experience with Healthwatch Rochdale.
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The annual report outlines the work of Healthwatch Rochdale over the last twelve months which was shaped by the Covid 19 pandemic, the impact this work has made and details of our future plans.

The Annual Report highlights that in 2020/21:

  • 226 local people shared their experience of health and social care services with us
  • 203 people were given information, advice and signposting support
  • 674 people shared their experience of living through the Covid 19 pandemic with us
  • Carried out 3 surveys with a total of 1810 responses.
  • Held 17 focus groups with a total of 37 responses
Our workplan for the last year had to change in response to the Covid 19 pandemic. We were still available to listen to people’s experiences of using health and social care services, but it became apparent that we also had a role to play in providing people with information and advice and how to access help and support. We also listened to people’s experience of living through the pandemic and shared this information with local services so they could understand what was working well and what needed to be improved. At the same time our organisation underwent restructuring and we welcomed three new staff members. I would like to thank our staff and volunteers for all their hard work over the last twelve months in helping to ensure that Healthwatch Rochdale continues to provide a valuable service that can adapt to meet the needs of local residents
— Kate Jones, Healthwatch Rochdale Chief Executive Officer


'Then and Now' 2020/21 Annual Report

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