Loved ones invited to send a letter to patients at local hospitals to keep in touch during the Covid - 19 crisis

The Northern Care Alliance NHS Group (NCA) has launched a new way for families to keep in contact with their loved ones in hospital during the Covid - 19 crisis.

The NCA Send a Letter scheme enables families and loved ones to email their relatives at a dedicated address, monitored by staff from the organisation’s Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).

Once received, staff will print out the letters or photos, laminate them, and deliver them to the ward where the patient is being cared for.

We are very aware that during this time when patients are unable to receive visitors at their bedside, any form of communication from their loved ones can lift the spirits and help their overall wellbeing. By setting up the NCA Send a Letter scheme, we hope to help patients and families feel closer to one another, despite the physical distance that is being imposed at this time
— Tammy Pike, Group Assistant Director Patient/Service User Experience Quality Improvement for the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group,

Staff at the hospital will monitor two e-mail inboxes, one for patients receiving care at the Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust hospitals including The Royal Oldham, Fairfield and Rochdale Infirmary and one for patients being treated at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust. Alongside their letters, families are also asked to include the patient’s name, date of birth, hospital site where they are being treated and the ward or department, to help the team ensure their letters are delivered to the right place. 

Loved ones with relatives at Salford Royal should contact:

Loved ones with relatives at The Royal Oldham, Fairfield or Rochdale Infirmary should contact:

Visiting has been suspended until further notice at all NCA Group hospitals and is only allowed in exceptional circumstances where one visitor, an immediate family member or carer, will be permitted to visit a patient who is either receiving end-of-life care, for birthing partners accompanying a woman in labour, for a parent or appropriate adult visiting their child, or those who have dementia or mental health conditions.

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